Barcode Verifiers

Shipping out product with unreadable or invalid barcodes can cause major headaches and possibly fines for you or your customer. Barcode verifiers will save you time and money, making sure your barcodes are in compliance.

Customer Solutions

RFID to Barcode Match Code

As EMP technical services group were testing out an RFID solution they had recently installed in a vehicle conversion facility, they realized there were gaps in their operations. This particular gap was based off of a question from one of our engineers. "How are you verifying that the RFID labels you're applying are correlated to the correct vehicle?". Well, they weren't.

“Pick Me!” A Look into Electronic Shelf Labels

A company was looking for a way to minimize line stoppage in a faced-paced assembly plant. See how this "error-proof" application, using Electronic Shelf Labels, was a success.

Barcode Verification for Medical Devices

Barcode scanners have come a long way from the days of constant misreads at the grocery store. But what if you need to read a tiny barcode marked directly onto a thin, round, metal surface? Check out the article below to find out how EMP teamed up with Cognex technology to do exactly that!

Tech Tips

Choosing the Right Barcode Symbology

Selecting a barcode symbology is an important decision with several factors to take into consideration. Start with our guide to choose the right barcode symbology.

How to Calibrate the Verifier on Honeywell PX940V

Video demonstration of how to calibrate the barcode verifier on the Honeywell PX940V. Click to read more!

How To Choose a Barcode Symbology

Choosing the right barcode symbology is as easy as reading this article. Click to learn more!

Featured Products

Barcode Verification

This month’s featured product is a whole class of products, centered around barcode verification.  From handheld to fixed mount barcode verifiers, to label printers that verify barcodes as they print, EMP has you covered with the products and the expertise.

Cognex DataMan 475V Inline Verifier

Perform inline barcode verification directly on your production line with the Cognex DataMan 475V. Contact us today to request a quote or demo!