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Get the right barcode scanners for the job. We carry handheld, fixed-mount and DPM readers suitable for any work environment.

Customer Solutions

RFID to Barcode Match Code

As EMP technical services group were testing out an RFID solution they had recently installed in a vehicle conversion facility, they realized there were gaps in their operations. This particular gap was based off of a question from one of our engineers. "How are you verifying that the RFID labels you're applying are correlated to the correct vehicle?". Well, they weren't.

Scan and Print as a Finished Product

A healthcare company was trying to find a way to replicate barcodes within their facilities. The process had to be the most efficient and ready to use out of the box. The best option would be for a simple "Scan and Print Solution".

Labeling Insurance

A company was running into issues in their labeling process. They were losing track of assigning the correct labels to products even with a two-step verification process in place. Check out how EMP was able to fix these issues for this medical manufacturer.

Tech Tips for Barcode Scanners

Barcode Scanner Selector Guide

Our Barcode Scanner Selector Guide will help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing a barcode scanner for your operations. Click to learn more!

Pairing a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

What if you are not pairing the scanner with the cradle, but with a tablet, or laptop or a cell phone? Does it just work right away then? Well not always.

Choosing the Right Barcode Symbology

Selecting a barcode symbology is an important decision with several factors to take into consideration. Start with our guide to choose the right barcode symbology.

Featured Barcode Scanning Products

Zebra Mid-Range Scan Engine SE55

For years, one of the downsides to touch computers from Zebra has been that they only have short range barcode scanners available in them. But a new scan engine was introduced last year that changed all of that. The SE55 reads barcodes up to 40 feet away.

DS2278 Cordless and Cradleless Barcode Scanner

This lower-end scanner has a trick up its sleeve, a micro-USB connector at the base of the scanner by the battery, that you can use to charge this scanner without needing a cradle.

Zebra Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision

We can finally talk about the Zebra Fixed Industrial scanner and Machine Vision Line! Click to find out our thoughts on this new product line.

Project Guides for Barcode Scanners

Choosing Barcode Scanner Thumbnail

Choosing the Right Barcode Scanner

Trying to decide which type of scanner you'll need for your workspace? We take you through a step-by-step process on what to look for when selecting a scanner.
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Barcode Symbology Selection

Make the best barcode symbology selection for your application and avoid common pitfalls. Read our Barcode Symbology Selection guide.

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