Auto Auction

We supply auto auctions across the country with labels, label printers, and printer support. Contact us today to learn more!

Products for Auto Auctions

Mobile Label Printers

Label Printers

Print labels for your vehicles coming up for auction with a mobile label printer. These label printers are tested to work with our custom auction labels, and are used at a large number of auto auctions.

Mobile Computers

Mobile Computers

Bring the power of modern mobile computing to your auto auction workforce. Enabling data capture, the use of rich applications, and the ability to stay connected like never before. Contact us today!

Labels and Ribbon

Auction Labels

We have developed our own direct thermal labels that can withstand the harsh UV rays and heat faced by vehicles in an auction lot. Contact us today to request a sample of our auction labels.

Additional Resources

Why EMP for Auto Auctions

See why hundreds of Auto Auction sites choose EMP Tech Group to provide their labels, label printers, mobile computers, and more. Download the Why EMP for Auto Auctions brochure today!