Customer Solutions

Printer Stand with PC Mount

We turned one of our custom printer stands into a standalone print station. Click to read more!

Label Print and Apply for Garage Doors

Read how a customer reduced their labeling errors by using a print and apply machine.

Modernize Picking Application

A long-time customer reached out about upgrading their existing mobile computers and mobile picking application. Check out this transformation!

Rewriting a Restocking Application

Modernize a mobile restocking application with a custom web application and Zebra MC9300 mobile computers.

Making Lubricant Packaging More Efficient with Machine Vision

An automotive lubricant company wanted to improve their quality assurance processes. They turned to EMP Technical Group for a machine vision solution that improved their quality inspection process.

Custom Pick to Light Cart

A healthcare company wanted to improve its picking process with a mobile cart. They partnered with the engineers at EMP Technical Group to design a mobile pick to light cart.

Warehouse Location Labeling

Labeling of a new warehouse facility for a third-party logistics company. The project included hanging signs and rack labels for 25,000 rack locations.

RFID for Container Tracking

New RFID tracking solution for agricultural totes saves on chargebacks, lost containers, and increases efficiency.

Adding Data Collection to a Bag Sealer

EMP worked with a medical device manufacturer to inspect the labels on each of their products as they pass through a sealer.

Circuit Board Inspection System

By using machine vision to perform an automated component inspection on circuit boards, the customer was able to improve quality and reduce costs.

Automotive Parts Tracking

An automotive parts tracking system using a custom web browser application, label printers, and barcode scanners. Click to read more!

Real-Time Part Replenishment

Utilize existing Zebra Material Flow hardware, along with new software, and configuration to deliver real-time part replenishment solution.