Stationary Barcode Verifiers

Perform frequent quality spot checks on your barcodes without interrupting your operations using stationary barcode verifiers. Contact us today!

Benefits of Stationary Barcode Verifiers

Reduce Returns and Waste

Catch bad barcodes before they reach the customer, and before you waste money on expensive labels, packaging, freight, and fees.

Confident Compliance

The only way to test that your barcodes meet or exceed industry standards is with barcode verification.

Feature Rich

Stationary barcode verifiers offer more features, better imaging sensors, and larger fields of view over handheld verifiers.

Additional Resources for Barcode Verification

Intro to Barcode Verification

Download the Introduction to Barcode Verification whitepaper from Cognex to learn more about verification standards and determine if verification is right for your business.

2D Barcode Verification Implementation Guideline

Download the GS1 2D Barcode Verification Implementation Guideline PDF. Geared for the more technically oriented, who want

Barcode Verification vs. Validation and More

Includes information on the most common causes of barcode quality issues, verification vs. validation, and common ISO and GS1 standards.

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