RFID technology can bring new levels of efficiency and automation to your business workflows. Contact us today to see if RFID could be a fit for your process.

Products for RFID

Zebra Handheld RFID Readers and Scanners

Handheld RFID Readers

From warehouses and loading docks to indoor customer-facing and carpeted environments, our handheld RAIN RFID readers and RFID-enabled scanners help you achieve maximum visibility into your enterprise assets.

Zebra Fixed Mount RFID Reader

Fixed RFID Readers

Our fixed RAIN RFID readers help you achieve maximum asset visibility across your enterprise. Get even more insight with Zebra’s RFID Array Reader which provides visibility into the pinpoint location of all of your tagged assets, including if they are on the move.

RFID Labels and Supplies

RFID Labels and Supplies

Choose from the widest selection of in-stock items, ready to ship within 24 hours or we can manufacture a solution to meet the requirements of your application. Maximize the benefits of RFID across your enterprise with RFID labels and supplies made for your needs.


Seamless Data Collection

In fast-paced supply chains, there is no time to stop and manually collect the enormous amounts of data passing through your facilities every day. Streamline and automate the process of data capture at every critical phase of your operations. Contact us today to see if RFID could be a good fit for your application.

Tag It and Track It

RFID enables you to encode, capture, and track information about any product you can tag. This can greatly improve traceability, quality control, and productivity. Our team is standing by to answer your questions about how RFID can play a role in your operations. Contact us today!

Real-Time Visibility

Real-time visibility of all your critical assets, tooling, machine, and inventory is possible with RFID. Cut down on lost time and productivity by implementing RFID in your operations. Contact us today to learn more about RFID and how it can benefit your processes.

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Solutions using RFID

RFID Match Code

A motor oil manufacturer recently converted their inventory to RFID tags in compliance with new mandates. But with the transition they were having trouble verifying the correct labels on the oil canisters passing through the distribution center. Discover what solutions were created by EMP to fix their issues!

Full RFID System to Track Awnings

A company that manufactures awnings needed help with their receiving/picking process as large amounts of inventory were being delivered to their central warehouse. See which solutions EMP landed on in order to provide cover from the storm.

RFID to Barcode Match Code

As EMP technical services group were testing out an RFID solution they had recently installed in a vehicle conversion facility, they realized there were gaps in their operations. This particular gap was based off of a question from one of our engineers. "How are you verifying that the RFID labels you're applying are correlated to the correct vehicle?". Well, they weren't.

Project Guides for RFID

Passive RFID Project Guide

Passive RFID

Learn about common applications for Passive RFID systems, the components required, challenges, and more in our Passive RFID Project Guide.

Featured Product Posts

Zebra RFD90 Ultra-Rugged RFID Reader

Just like any other technology, RFID has evolved. Now there are more options for readers, tags, and accessories to make your inventory tracking as seamless as possible. We highlight the newest and greatest.

Zebra Handheld RFID Reader

One of the many challenges of RFID applications is that you cannot just pick up a scanner and scan the RFID tag. Or can you? 

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