Match Code Solutions

Using mobile computers, Match Code can be used just about anywhere in your work environment. We can build a Match Code app on pretty much any mobile device. The most common devices used are the Zebra MC9300 and the Zebra TC73 for their durability, functionality, and mobility. 

Stationary Match Code involves similar logic, but in a stationary setting. The items are able to move down an assembly line while simultaneously being read against the control barcode to ensure there’s a match. This particular setup is administered by a custom EMP built PLC. 

What is Match Code?

Match Code is the practice of scanning two barcodes to confirm they match. There are multiple ways you could accomplish this, but it all depends on the situation. You have multiple options to choose from, but EMP will engineer a solution that is tailored to your solve your specific problem.

How Match Code Works

Scan Control Barcode

Zebra MC9400 Scanning

Scan Barcode to Match

Verify Barcodes Match

EMP Match Code Brochure

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RFID Match Code

A motor oil manufacturer recently converted their inventory to RFID tags in compliance with new mandates. But with the transition they were having trouble verifying the correct labels on the oil canisters passing through the distribution center. Discover what solutions were created by EMP to fix their issues!

RFID to Barcode Match Code

As EMP technical services group were testing out an RFID solution they had recently installed in a vehicle conversion facility, they realized there were gaps in their operations. This particular gap was based off of a question from one of our engineers. "How are you verifying that the RFID labels you're applying are correlated to the correct vehicle?". Well, they weren't.

Barcode Match to Minimize Mistakes

Do you ever need to make sure that the correct product/label is shipping to the correct customer? We have run into this application many times at EMP. Click to read more about this custom EMP solution.