Mobile Powered Carts

Powered mobile workstations can save your workers thousands of steps per shift, greatly increase throughput, and cut down on mislabeled products. Contact us today!

Popular Mobile Powered Carts

Newcastle NB Series Mobile Power Cart

NB Series Workstations

The NB Series powered workstations from Newcastle Systems are built for years of use in demanding environments. With a wide range of available accessories, they are one of the most customizable carts in the lineup.

PC Series Workstations

Heavy-duty powered carts that are large enough to function as a standalone mobile workspace. There's room to spare even with a label printer, supplies, paperwork, and more. Perfect for a shop floor or warehouse facility.

Newcastle PowerPack System

Portable Power Systems

Seamless portable power anywhere you need it. Great for outdoor kiosks, remote worksites, and anywhere you need power for computers, POS systems, printers, and more.

Applications for Mobile Powered Carts

Mobile Labeling Cart

Cut down on walking and labeling errors. Print labels when and where you need to.

Mobile Shipping Cart

Fast, accurate, outbound shipping with everything you need to ship product from a mobile platform.

Mobile Receiving Cart

Scan pack slips and product in at the dock with a powered mobile receiving cart.

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Solutions using Mobile Powered Carts

Mobile Carts for the Visually Impaired

We designed a mobile power cart for Bosma Enterprises to help them meet the demands of new labeling process requirements. Click to See the Solution!

Custom Pick to Light Cart

A healthcare company wanted to improve its picking process with a mobile cart. They partnered with the engineers at EMP Technical Group to design a mobile pick to light cart.

Project Guides for Mobile Powered Carts

Mobile Computing in the Warehouse Thumbnail

Mobile Computing in the Warehouse

Our Mobile Computing in the Warehouse guide will help you ask the right questions and make the best choices when faced with selecting the right devices for your warehouse.
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WiFi for Warehouses

Creating a high-performance wireless network in a warehouse can be very challenging. Read our WiFi for Warehouses Project Guide to learn more!

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Labeling Carts

Labeling carts help improve the accuracy and efficiency of your labeling processes. Click to learn more about the benefits of mobile labeling carts.

Mobile Power Keeps Rolling

Mobile power carts are becoming increasingly prevalent in the warehousing and manufacturing verticals. The cost savings and new lithium power packs make them light on your budget and your workers. Click to learn more!

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