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Android Migration

Zebra TC8000 Android Mobile Computer

For some of you, another lecture about Android Migration is beating a dead horse.  We at EMP have already helped dozens of customers migrate their legacy mobile scanning terminals from legacy Windows Mobile to Android.  Usually the change is straight forward.  The newer hardware that runs Android is lighter, smarter, has better battery life and screen clarity than the older hardware.  Also, the tools that Zebra has developed for Android have made it the superior operating system.  If you are running a browser application or terminal emulation, the change can be easy.  But if your application is a thick one running on the device itself, some work needs to be done for sure.

Zebra MC9200 Android Mobile Computer

To keypad or not to keypad will probably be the hardest decision.  Many of the new hardware options use soft keypads on the screen instead of a larger actual keypad.  The devices with an actual keypad are definitely still available, but if you are making this big of a change already, you might as well think about the necessity of a hard keypad.  There are customizable soft keypads that may make needing an actual hard keypad unnecessary.  Also, there are modernization tools that can take your old TE screens and create a touch screen based front end that will not require hard keypads.  Either way, this change opens some options for you to explore.

Zebra TC75 Android Mobile Computer

Many of our customers have taken advantage of this technology change to implement an MDM software package such as SOTI MobiControl to make managing the new devices easier.  Many have chosen this route since Android requires more updates than legacy Windows Mobile.  With these more frequent OS updates also comes more application updates.  What used to occur every few years now happens, potentially several times a year.  Managing these much more frequent updates is a snap with a good MDM.

No matter what your specific situation is with Android Migration, the team at EMP Tech Group is experienced and ready to help.  Let us know if we can make OS Migration a painless one.

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