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Color Label Printers from Epson and EMP

Several things kind of got lost in the shuffle last year.  One of them was the arrival of two new color label printers from Epson, the C6000 and the C6500.  Our demo unit arrived early in the year and our technical group was thrilled with the durability of the labels and the ease of operation.

These two printers really round out the good/better/best of color label printers from Epson.  The C3500 remains in the Epson line as a very cost-effective solution for lower volumes of labels, especially on demand printing of single labels.  The C7500 also remains as the high-volume printer, with a fixed position print head that allows for very high print speeds.  The C7500 printer is meant for production volume printing done offline, almost like a mini printing press.

The C6000 and C6500 are the middle ground.  Capable of printing at a pretty good clip and capable of colorfast labels that will not only endure water but have excellent chemical resistance.  And a bonus, the C6500 will print up to 8” wide allowing for full page sized, color labels, printed on demand.

But the printers are only part of the story and this is where the EMP magic happens.  You need quality labels that are tested with these printers and will meet your requirements.  Others will sell labels that come from Epson or a third party, but EMP has our own printing plant and can produce your labels in house.  This gives you the best product at the best price.

Rewinders are another piece of the puzzle.  You cannot just put a normal label rewinder on the output of a color inkjet printer, it will pull too hard on the labels and cause issues with the printing.  So EMP has teamed up with Labelmate USA to provide the ZCAT brand of label rewinder.  Not only does this rewinder optically sense the liner so that there is absolutely no pulling on the label printer, but it also has additional friction rollers so that the roll tension is excellent and you will not have issues with the completed rolls coming apart.

It took us a year or so to get all the pieces put together for an end-to-end color label printing solution.  Testing media, rewinders, even finding the right printer model with Epson.  But we now have the products and experience to help you make the transition to inhouse, color label printing as painless as possible.

Contact the EMP Tech Group today for more information on how color label printers can improve your operations!  www.emptechgroup.com

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