EMP Customer Solutions

Custom Printer Stand

Challenge: Modify the current EMP Printer Stand to a stand-alone printer station.

Solution: Printer station with keyboard and PC mount.

Story: An automotive component supplier was reading the monthly EMP newsletter when they saw an article on EMP Products. These products are a list of solutions that EMP has developed over the years. The printer stand was one that stood out. This product was developed for applications where space is limited, but more than one label printer is needed. With its heavy steel frame that can be bolted to the floor and sliding shelves that allow the printer to slide out for media changes, it is an ideal product for many applications. The standard EMP Printer Stand product is being used by many customers and is therefore stocked by EMP.

But this customer wanted to make a few customizations to the printer stand. They wanted to mount a keyboard, mouse, PC and monitor to the stand, making it an entire print station. Often times, it is the software engineers at EMP that get the praise, but this time the technical services team were able to highlight their mechanical abilities. The EMP Technical Services crew immediately went to work on the solution. The customer provided the monitor mount to be attached. The rest was designed and added by the team at EMP. They were able to add a mount for each of the requested items while maintaining the clean, slim design.

The standard EMP printer stand is a stock product, so the customizations only took a week or two and the product was out the door. EMP has a number of EMP products that are now in stock, but keep in mind that each of these products can be customized!

EMP strives to meet all of their customer’s needs. Contact the EMP Tech Group for any custom needs!

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