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This year has been an interesting one at our company. Being busy is good, but we have been overwhelmed by some great projects; projects with long-time customers, projects with lots of hardware included, and fortunately, projects with understanding customers who were willing to work with us as we tried to eat an elephant in one bite.

Our programming staff is getting pretty beefy; at least it feels that way when payroll comes around! And good-sized projects that we would have been afraid to take on in years past are now within our capabilities, mainly when they revolve around some of the most common hardware we sell and a long-term, loyal customer.

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But when a couple of those big projects land on us simultaneously, it can get dicey, stressing some team members with long hours and tight deadlines. But we are pulling out of one of these periods, and the resulting projects are ones to be proud of. Completely converting a customer’s warehouse operations to Android. Writing a massive add-on to a much smaller project, tracking automotive production and finished goods. While 250 other smaller projects cycled through the group, these large projects were going on.

Proud is the keyword; everyone worked hard this year to complete some excellent work. So, our featured product this month is our custom programming capabilities. Check out our website if you want to see more! Here are a couple links to get you started.

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