Full RFID System to Track Awnings

Zebra Technologies TC21
Zebra TC21


A company was having trouble finding and picking through a large amount of inventory within their small warehouse.


Design an operational protocol involving RFID technology and a custom software application using MLC, that allows for quick efficient picking ready for distribution.


Zebra RFD40 Sled

A company that manufactures motorized awnings was having difficulty with their receiving/picking process. The products are being manufactured overseas and brought to a “landing warehouse” in the Midwest where they eventually move to a distribution warehouses. However, the amount of inventory was so vast that boxes upon boxes were being stacked on top of one another and when it was time for picking, it made it nearly impossible to find the correct boxes in an efficient amount of time. After an EMP assessment, it was decided that a full RFID solution was necessary. As the boxes enter the warehouse (already having RFID labels applied to them) they can now be scanned using a Zebra RFD40 Sled combined with a Zebra TC21. Custom software was also written using MCL in order for the inventory data to communicate with the customer’s existing ERP. And once the parts need to be picked, the warehouse operators can easily again scan and fulfill the orders. Once the customer moves into a larger warehouse facility, they plan to install RFID portals for a faster, more efficient tracking system. 

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