Print and Apply System with Industrial Interface


A customer wanted to install an automated labeling system into their robotic manufacturing assembly line.

Zebra ZE511 Print Engine
CTM 3600 Series Printer Applicator


EMP analyzed the specifications and sent them off for a customized print and apply applicator to be built by CTM Labeling Systems. EMP engineers then assembled, setup, and trained the customer’s employees on operation.


An electric car battery manufacturer was wanting to fully automate its assembly process. Specifically for battery covers. Their first reason being efficiency and the second being safety. The rest of the production line had already been made autonomous using robotics technology, except for the label application process. 1.5″x1.5″ 2D barcode labels with a bit of readable text to be exact. EMP knew they wanted to utilize their partnership with CTM Labeling Systems, an Automated Printer Applicator manufacturer. After obtaining the customized preferences from the customer and surveying the specifications needed to operate this application, they chose to use a Zebra ZE511 Print Engine to be used inside a CTM 3600 Series Printer Applicator. EMP assembled the applicator and installed it within the assembly line. Before operation, EMP configured the customer’s PLC to administer the correct framework to the automated printer software. As the battery covers move down the line inside of a cage, a robotic arm will place the covers in a reoccurring position where the applicator will apply the label, secure it, and then continue down the assembly line. Now the customer can track this expensive piece of hardware through its distribution process with employees only having to manage the printer for weekly cleanings or when the media needs to be replaced.

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