RFID to Barcode Match Code


While installing an RFID project, EMP Engineers discovered a snag in the customer’s operations. The products themselves were being labeled with RFID tags, but no one could verify if the tags were on the correct product.


EMP decided the best solution would be a verification system using Barcode to RFID Matching. Build an MCL application that would facilitate the verification process to ensure the correct RFID label was applied to the proper VIN.


As EMP was testing out an RFID solution they had recently installed in a vehicle manufacturing facility, they realized there were gaps in the facility’s operations. This particular gap was revealed based off of a question from one of our engineers. “How are you verifying that the RFID labels you’re applying are correlated to the correct vehicle with the correct information encrypted?”. Well, they weren’t. Which then led EMP to supplying a Barcode Match Code solution using a custom program (built using MCL Technologies Software) that would verify both the RFID label and the VIN barcode matched. The VIN Barcodes could be read with the same MC3300RFID reader being used to test the RFID tags. So now the two forms of identification are being checked to see that they match, making the procedure not only free of errors, but efficient. Sometimes solutions can be complicated, but with outside the box thinking this particular situation became a simple correction. Scan the VIN on the vehicle that is barcoded and then read the RFID tag to ensure that the correct RFID tag was put on the vehicle. Get the green light from the MCL Software and you’re good to go.

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