Scan and Print as a Finished Product


A healthcare company was trying to find a way to replicate barcodes within their facilities. The process had to be efficient, simple, and plug and play.


EMP suggested a “Scan and Print” application powered by a SATO Printer paired with a Zebra USB Handheld Barcode Scanner to print multiple labels with a copy of the original scanned barcode.


This particular company contacted EMP in the hopes of streamlining the way they labeled and stored samples in their facility. A sample was being presented to the operator with a barcode, but the barcode needed to be replicated for multiple different samples taken from the original. The original barcode contained information vital to the productivity of the caregiver and needed to be managed in a way that would maintain accuracy. Rather than opting for an expensive PC and labeling software, EMP decided the best option would be a straightforward “Scan and Print Solution”. This entailed setting up a SATO CT4-LX printer with customized software designed by EMP (using AEP), and a Zebra USB DS4608 Handheld Barcode Scanner. The customer also requested the operator be given the option of printing a 1D or 2D barcode, which was handled using the custom software. EMP had the printers delivered to its own warehouse, installed the customized software, then repackaged the printer and scanner along with media together to be shipped out. This allowed the customer to unbox and immediately begin using the solution. Now the operator can scan the barcode, and print as many copies as they need for the samples to be tested or distributed. Now the company has a greatly improved process to ensure traceability of each sample. Check out the video below to see a guided demonstration of the finished “Scan and Print” Solution.

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