Who You Gonna’ Call?


A software company with a cloud-based system needed hardware to implement their product which involved non-reusable ID tags. They needed to figure out the best printers, labels, configuration, and hand off the logistics of delivery to their customers.


EMP decided the best solution would be ZD411’s, Elo tablets paired with desktop stands, as well as labels. EMP also has the tools to deal with logistics like configuring hardware so it’s out-of-box ready. And a facility for storing inventory until the customer is ready for shipping.


A software company that functions on the cloud relies on a kiosk printing station for their program to function. They use a printer, a computer whether it be desktop or mobile, and labels for such a station. Prior to EMP, they had been using Dymo printers that are only compatible with Dymo labels which limited their options for purchasing labels and controlling their margins. Now, they operate Zebra ZD411 Desktop printers which are compatible with multiple types of label brands. They also equipped them with Elo I-Series 4 tablets equipped with barcode scanners. The operator scans a driver’s license with the tablet. Tablet sends it to the software in the cloud, and the software sends it to the printer with a condensed version of information to be printed on “Visitor” tags. But the biggest resource EMP could provide was storage and ready-to-ship deployment. Seeing as the customer operates out of an office building, EMP has all the hardware shipped, configured, and setup before re-boxing and storing in their warehouse until the customer requires inventory. All of these logistics are managed by EMP. The solution of this story might sound simple, but it demonstrates the wide spectrum of capabilities and tools EMP has to offer. So, if you’ve got a problem, chances are they will have a solution.

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