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Data Label Printers

OK, we are being kind of silly here. It is like our featured product being barcode scanners. But the feature here is the increasing demand for personalized product labels. Standards from your customers that are requiring you to manage many label formats in order to produce and ship products to these customers.

Packaging Label

Some industries have standards for shipping labels, but some do not. This does not even take into account the personalized product labels that can be required. In order to continue to provide products with the proper product and shipping labels for your customers, there are many things required.

  • A rock-solid label printing software package that meets the needs of your industry.
  • Label printers that meet your needs for either black and white data labels or even color labels, all on-demand.
  • A consistent supply of quality media, including labels, ribbons, inks, and printer service parts.
  • A partner who will pro-actively help you keep your label printers running smoothly and your label software up to date.
  • A partner who will come to your site to help you ensure that you have all of these tools and services.

Contact the EMP Tech Group today for more information on how our sales and service group can help you get the label printing products that you need, to work in your environment! 

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