Do You Really Need Full Windows?

Zebra ET8X Tablet Running Windows
Zebra ET8X Tablet Running Windows

To be clear, we are talking about tablet computers here.  Specifically rugged tablets with barcode scanners being used by your mobile workers.  We have found that customers tend to gravitate towards using full Windows on these tablets because of the screen size and yes sometimes because the applications being run on the device demand full Windows.

But before you just default to the added expense and complexity of full Windows, at least consider if you can run Android on your tablets.  Maybe your application also can run on Android, or maybe it is a web-based application that is OS agnostic. 

It used to be that security, wireless capabilities, device management, or other technical concerns pushed you away from Android.  But with the great strides that Zebra has made hardening their version of Android that probably is no longer a concern. 

Another possible benefit from running Android is the ability to purchase less robust tablets since you do not need to run big Windows.  Zebra’s latest tablet the ET8X runs full Windows, but if you can use Android, can you get away with an ET5X instead.  Less memory, processor, and battery requirements may save you money on the hardware purchase.

So, we are not saying to not use full Windows on your tablets, just that you should at least consider Android before you commit.  The devices are less expensive and since Android has much less processor and memory demand, the applications will run faster, and the batteries will last longer.

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