Software Vendor Giving You a Headache?

You’re Not Alone!

Our primary job is to get the hardware we provide to work in your environment. That almost always means we will need to interface with the software you use to run your business. It could be your WMS (Warehouse Management System), your MES (Manufacturing Execution System), or your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Many of our customers hate their software vendors, usually for a good reason. The software is a generic tool that must fit many applications. Customizing it to fit your environment is expensive and sometimes impossible. Even when you purchase a software package designed for your industry, some things do not match your business processes.

Money and Attitude

The biggest complaint that we get from our customers about their software vendor is they feel like an ATM. First, you must pay ongoing support, then any time you ask for even the slightest change, look out; big money is required. Some vendors charge up to $300 per hour for software changes.

The second and most unnecessary is attitude. We get to sit in on calls with the customer and their software vendor. The software vendor is usually unpleasant and belittling. Questions are asked, and answers are either vague or never come. Always lurking is, “That is custom. We will have to quote it.”

Always a Phone Call or GoToMeeting

Another big complaint is that the software vendor has never stepped foot in the customer’s facilities. Meetings are always conference calls or virtual meetings. The software vendor can’t understand the customer’s environment and issues if they are not physically together.

What’s the Answer?

First off, we do not have all the answers. But many customers have found solace in knowing they are not alone. As a hardware provider and integrator for upwards of 2,000 customers, we see the behind-the-scenes of businesses like yours every day. With that privilege, we see good and bad patterns in our customers. But this struggle with software vendors is almost universal. Do you think you made the wrong choice when you picked your software vendor? Maybe, but maybe you just chose the lesser of several evils. Hopefully, that can make you feel a little better.

Next, we can help by providing solutions that either work completely outside your existing software or alongside that software, giving you the solutions you need for your business without breaking the bank. All this with a good attitude, excellent service, and onsite, completely understanding your operations and needs.

Finally, we do sell packaged software but not enterprise software. Instead, we sell software tools that help you manage label printing, mobile devices, or shop floor data collection. These tools are meant to get the job done outside your enterprise software but integrate with it as needed.

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