Trying to Use RFID to Cover Up Bad Processes

If you want a technology partner who isn’t afraid to tell you the truthIf you want a partner that will sell you what you need, but not always what you want. Then EMP Tech Group is your trusted partner.

We have always found ourselves in the position of having to throw a wet blanket over our customers’ plans to use RFID. We go onto a customer site because they want to look at using RFID in their operations. But we quickly find ourselves having to explain how the technology really works, the limitations that exist, the cost of the potential project, and finally throwing a harsh light on the reality that the customer has no current way to manage the data flow.

Well, add another spoiler task that we find ourselves doing repeatedly. Pointing out that the customer has bad processes in place, and they are not using the existing software, barcodes, and scanners that they already own. They are simply trying to use RFID to not have to clean up existing internal problems.

Our answer is, fix your process first, then let’s look at RFID to streamline, simplify, and safeguard some of those processes. Let’s use RFID to better automate physical inventory, double check truck loading to ensure all the correct products were loaded, in final pack to be sure the correct products are in the container. All supplemental to the core principles of barcode scanning every move of every product.

Automation on top of good process. Not trying to automate your way around bad processes.

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