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EMP is Presenting at the Plex Users Conference

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Yes, it is virtual, that stinks, but the Plex users are a very involved group, so it will be well attended.  That involvement is what got us working with Plex in the first place.  Plex has a very active user forum and that is how our name got passed around amongst the users, as a great resource for hardware.  Formalizing that relationship with Plex as a recommended hardware provider and exhibiting at their user conference was a logical next step.

Don’t know about Plex?  Let us fill you in a bit.  We all know Oracle, SAP, the Microsoft ERP products, MAS, Epicor, even Quickbooks.  But there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of ERP software packages on the market and Plex is one that we run into frequently.  We at EMP see Plex all the time because many of our customers are small to medium sized, discrete manufacturers in the Mid-West.  A big, sweet spot for Plex.

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Also, Plex has a customer revenue, pricing model, making the price of entry for smaller manufacturers more manageable.  And it is a great product for managing your discrete manufacturing, product serialization and inventory.  Best of all, Plex prefers to refer the label printing and data collection hardware needed for their systems, to the experts in the industry, like EMP.

Our presentations are based on managing mobile computers and how to tailor your wireless network for these fast-moving mobile computers.  We are always looking to help our customers with the struggles that we see frequently.  Want to know more, well, www.emptechgroup.com/plex is one place.  Or you can check out the conference at www.powerplex.com.  As always, Contact Us with any questions!

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