A New Year, but More of the Same

A new year, but more of the same is a good thing, actually. Mobile Computing, RFID, Machine Vision, Automated Labeling, Integration, Software, Ongoing Service, Media, REPEAT. Like the clickety clack of old railroad tracks, there is a soothing sound to it all. Humming along over and over again. And that is our plan for 2024.

Staying in our Technology Lane is what we said last year, and it is what we plan to keep doing. Also limiting the products that we sell so our tech services team can build an extra deep knowledge base and get you the right answers to complex technology problems, right off the top of our head.

Yes, robots and drones in the warehouse have our attention, and we are exploring the possibility of adding those technologies to our offering. But we are so busy working on the above-mentioned product lines that we don’t have the capacity to add much more right now.

So, if you want to work with a team that is technology focused, with its own in-house tech services group, Contact EMP. A group that is ready to help you put together solutions using the latest technology for your business needs, Contact EMP.

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