EMP Behind the Scenes

One of our marketing initiatives for 2022 is to produce some behind-the-scenes videos.  We have a great facility, we have great employees, we have incredible expertise and experience.  But how do you convey that to our vendor partners, prospects, and customers?  Well, hopefully, some good behind-the-scenes videos will help.

Our first behind-the-scenes video will focus on our service group.  Our customers see a technician with tools and parts in an EMP van.  But they don’t necessarily see all the support that is in place for them.  The shelves full of parts, the containers full of specific parts for a service call or PM.  Also, the system that we have in place for in-house service work. 

The hope is that when you see this video, you have a better understanding of what it takes to get that service technician to your facility, on time, with a good attitude, with the parts needed to do the job, and do the job with one visit. 

Another behind-the-scenes video that we completed was in our panel build area of the shop.  We many controls and interface boxes every year as part of our project work.  Most are for fixed mount barcode scanners and machine vision cameras, but RFID, Laser Marking, and Automated Labeling projects have all had the need for robust controls built by EMP.

We have a few more of the “Behind the Scenes” videos to do in the coming months.  Project Builds, Custom Programming and Device Deployment come to mind.  Stay tuned to this Newsletter and our YouTube channel for more “inside barcoding” content.

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