Fiber is Here

It is messy as you can see from the picture, but they are out running fiber in front of our building this week. There actually already is fiber in the area, but someone else is jumping into the fray. Just in time, because we are getting ready to cut over to VoIP phones here at the EMP Tech Group and pitch our old, twisted pair landline phone system.

And we are skipping a generation since VoIP phones are nothing new, we are actually going to Teams phones which are somewhat new. We have had good success using Teams for our video conferencing system as the world has started migrating to more virtual meetings. So, the idea of using Teams for our phone system where any device, your desktop, your cell phone, or anything running Teams can act as your work phone.

Or, if you prefer a good, old-fashioned desk phone, no matter where your office is, that can be done as well. Plug the Teams phone into Ethernet anywhere in the world, log in and it is now your desk phone. 

But digital voice needs bandwidth, so cutting over from a cable modem from our cable provider to fiber is a necessity to support the new technology. The fiber also has a much better service level and now that most of our business software is cloud-based, along with our phone system soon being reliant on an internet connection, that increased reliability is a must-have.

Our Newsletters tend to have a theme for the month and this month is no exception. Cloud computing versus On-Premise, VoIP versus Landline, the world is changing and as a technology leader, we are always trying to keep up!

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