EMPCare with OneTouch

Last year, we re-branded EMP maintenance contracts as EMPCare. We even came up with a catchy logo for the offerings. These services include our printer repair contracts, both onsite and depot repairs done in our building. Also included is an increasingly popular service offering for mobile computers. With this version of EMPCare, we take on the burden of getting mobile computers repaired and redeployed for the customer. We can even be the first line of technical support for the end-users.

One of the side effects of the pandemic is that many of the IT support teams that used to be onsite at our customer’s facilities are primarily working from home now. This has made it more challenging for some of our customers to support the hardware that we have provided them. EMP to the rescue. We keep the spares pool, manage the repairs process, and get the right programs loaded back onto the device when it comes back from service—all for a low monthly fee per device.

To back this up, we have developed a portal for the customer to use. Log onto the OneTouch portal and request an RMA. We manage the service contracts with the manufacturer, get RMA numbers, and pre-configure and ship a replacement device, all with “One Touch” from the customer. We will capture all of the device serial numbers, the service contract status, track what hardware is at what location, manage the configuration needed for each location, and pre-load the device with that specific configuration before shipping the repaired device. Customers receive email updates throughout the process and end users receive devices ready to go right out of the box.

EMP OneTouch Portal screenshot

Phase one of the OneTouch Portal is in use today, but we are already working on significant enhancements with comprehensive database-driven features and reporting capability. We will build it out so the customer can look up serial numbers, locations, and service contract status from the portal.

We are always here to make your job easier and to help keep your operations running at peak efficiency. Contact us today to check out EMPCare and the OneTouch portal for yourself.

EMPCare RMA Portal screenshot

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