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Identifying Your Mobile Computers

shrink sleeve on mobile computer

Sometimes we get the best ideas from our customers.  We have helped customers identify their mobile computer fleet in the past with asset labels.  We have a “secret weapon” label material that we have used again and again for asset labels.  It is a metalized poly label with good adhesive.  We source the raw material from a leading source, and it is used in underhood applications by several of our automotive customers.

But recently, one of our good customers showed us how they had used color, shrink sleeves on the handle of their mobile computer to easily segregate groups of mobile computers within their operations.  The shrink sleeves are rugged and will last on the handle of the device for a long time.  The material is also inexpensive and readily available.

We have many customers that try to keep the mobile computers separated by department or shift or purpose and the color-coded shrink bands are a very good, at a glance way to accomplish this task.

shrink sleeves

Hoping this information helps the next time you are trying to identify and track your mobile computer fleet.  As always, EMP is the place to go for all your labeling, mobile computing and RFID needs. Contact us with any questions!

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