Intelligent Temperature Sensors from Zebra

intelligent temperature sensors

In January 2019, Zebra acquired a company named Temptime, one of the leaders in the temperature monitoring industry. This was a logical acquisition by Zebra, extending the reach of their RFID and RTLS product lines. Not only does the Temptime product line include straight visual indicators for excessive heat or cold during transportation, but they also have a line of intelligent sensors.

What sets the Temptime temperature sensors apart is the Bluetooth technology used by the sensors. Program the device via Bluetooth with a mobile computer for its “mission,” setting temperature ranges and time duration, and the device is off. When it reaches the destination, a Bluetooth bridge can automatically read the tag and report the readings from the devices to the cloud. Tags that have exceeded their temperature range or transport time can be quickly flagged so those products can be identified and removed from the supply chain, potentially saving lives!

Intelligent temperature sensors

It is not possible that Zebra could have realized how important having a temperature tracking line of products in its offering would become. Not only would Zebra spend 2020 helping to monitor the safe transport of the COVID-19 vaccine, but they were also busy bringing this product line into the Zebra Channel to be sold by the thousands of Zebra resellers across the globe.

So, it is official; EMP Tech Group is now trained and able to sell this exciting new product line from Zebra. At first glance, it might seem like only pharmaceutical customers would have a need, but food, flowers, mail order, and several other applications exist for this solution.

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