Keeping Our Culture and Team Intact

A recent article about the pandemic noted that companies would be judged in the future by how they treated their employees during this crisis. Another noted that keeping the culture you have been working so hard on intact while most of your people work from home is a challenge.

At EMP, we have been striving to keep our entire team intact during this crisis. That may mean biting the financial bullet for a while. Still, our every intention is to keep everyone employed so that when this crisis passes, we are in an excellent position to continue assisting our customers. Our mantra during this time has been to “Keep Calm and Carry On.” A slogan taken from the British during World War II.

As far as our culture goes, we have been very outspoken on our website, giving you a glimpse into the culture posters that hang throughout our building. I have witnessed “Do it Now” from all our team members as they work from home or remain in the office. No delay in responses on our end!

Fortunately for us, our customers are mainly in the supply chain, with a good sprinkling of law enforcement. With that said, we have received many letters from our pharmaceutical customers insisting that they and we are both essential during this time. One of our customers, Eli Lilly, has had an aggressive coronavirus drive-through testing program for health care workers and emergency responders. We are proud of their efforts and our ability to supply needed barcode scanners for those testing stations.

The bottom line is that we are here for you now and in the future! Our meetings may need to be virtual for a while, and our service work may trend towards depot in our shop and not onsite.  But we soldier on for our customers. Remember, Keep Calm and Carry On; we will all get through this together.

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