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Label Inspection on a Budget

Stand Alone Scan & Print

Challenge: Design a label inspection system on a budget.

Solution: Zebra DS2208 hand scanner, ZD620 Desktop
Printers, and a custom ZBI program.

Story: Label inspection is a very common application that often starts from incorrect labels being placed on the product and shipped to the end customer. Unfortunately, this is exactly what occurred with a local food packaging company. The packaging company was producing a sauce that required three labels on each bottle: front, back, and around the top. An issue arose when the front label did not match the back label on an entire batch of product that was shipped to their customer.

The food packagers reached out to EMP to help design a label inspection solution. The initial solution discussed involved a machine vision camera that would be used to inspect each label to verify that the correct job was running. Unfortunately, this solution greatly exceeded the customer’s budget.

Label from Print and Scan Application

A second solution was proposed. The engineers at EMP suggested adding a small DataMatrix barcode on each label and placing fixed mounted barcode scanners to verify that each label was correct. The food packaging company was unable to add the DataMatrix code, so EMP designed a third and final solution.

In order to find a working solution within the customer’s budget, EMP turned to their Scan and Print solution. With this solution, the customer scans a barcode on the label as they are being loaded onto the label applicator, then scans the master label out of a logbook and finally scans the job number from the production sheet. A label is printed and adhered to the production sheet showing that the label barcodes matched, who scanned them and what job number they were for. This approach makes sure that the labels match and records who loaded the labels and ensured the match.

The engineers at EMP work hard to develop a solution to meet the customer’s needs and budget. Let the engineers at EMP find the best solution for you! Contact them today!

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