MCL Technologies

We talk frequently about our “secret weapons”, so let’s continue our conversation in regard to MCL Technologies. Software tools, process hacks, hardware shortcuts, tricks of the trade that we have picked up over the years. Things that make our jobs easier, and more importantly, the customers’ jobs easier. We say the customer because we readily share this information with our customers.

One of these tricks of the trade is MCL, a software product that makes developing programs for Android based mobile computers much faster and easier. You do not need to be a full software developer to use this product and it is capable of very complex applications. RFID, barcode scanning, label printing, database lookups and writes, wireless networking, even running applications over cellular networks.

Almost every Zebra device can use MCL, even the kiosk devices making for a cool shop floor data collection tool. And you can run MCL on full Windows, so an application can be written for a mobile device, or for a laptop or desktop PC.

We at EMP use this tool to write an application for you, or for a very nominal amount of money, you can buy the developers license and write the application yourself.

So, let us put one of our best “secret weapons” to work for you. 

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