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More EMP Culture, Don’t Answer Questions with Questions

When you walk the halls of the EMP Tech Group (with a mask on these days) you notice two things.  Posters of customer applications and posters of our company culture.  It has been likened to an art gallery and I take that as a compliment.  Customer application posters are pretty easy, they are just a highlight of the most interesting applications that we have done for our customers over the years.  The culture posters are a little more challenging.  They are usually inspired by bad service received from others.

Our latest EMP Culture Poster is “Don’t Answer Questions with Questions”.  And yes, it was inspired by one of our vendor partners answering a pretty straight forward question with about 10 questions back at us.  Seems it would have been better to give us a general answer to our question first and then maybe ask some clarifying questions.  Instead, we had 30 minutes of homework to try to get any kind of answer at all.

Company Culture Poster

We try to be better at our work and offer superior customer service by catching others not being so great and then trying to do better.  If you want to see our other EMP Culture Posters and our Customer Solutions Posters, that is no problem, because we put them all up on our web site. 



Better yet, give us a call or send an email, we will be glad to show you how we put our excellent company culture to work every day for our customers.

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