Standalone Scan & Print

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Standalone Scan & Print – No PC Required!

Scan and Print is a common application on the manufacturing floor. It typically involves a barcode scanner, PC, and printer.  However, by removing the PC the solution becomes very mobile, easy to maintain, and more cost-effective.  This is exactly what our Standalone Scan and Print has done. By using a custom ZBI program, we are able to directly connect the Zebra label printer with a hand scanner. It is a clean and simple solution that many of our customers are using to date. Check out the many benefits below!

  • Zebra Label Printer with Hand Scanner and Custom ZBI Program.
  • Many potential applications including match code, simple stand-alone data entry or data lookup on resident data table or remote database.
  • Mainly aimed at manufacturing where maintaining a full desktop PC is not required and not desirable.
  • Can be used with a cart for a mobile label printing station.
  • Ultra-reliable, cost-effective and flexible.
  • More than one application can be saved on the printer and called up as needed.
  • No Windows updates or security patches.
  • No network cabling required.
  • Can be combined with a Zebra battery base, so no power required.
  • Simple barcode menus can be used to eliminate the need for key entry.
  • Can be used in combination with Zebra’s KDU for applications with key entry requirements.
  • No IT involvement needed to install or maintain.
  • Real-time data and time kept on the printer.






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