Wireless Network Services

Wireless Network Services

Wireless Networking in the warehouse and shop floor is a different animal from traditional wireless networks. When you are dealing with mobile computers and printers traveling across the warehouse or production floor on a forklift, your wireless network needs to be designed to handle mobility. EMP has partnered with wireless network hardware providers that understand mobility and have things like preemptive roaming built-in.

Decades of experience in mobile computing give us the edge in wireless networking in the warehouse and shop floor.

Access Points

In manufacturing and logistics, the ceilings are very high. How do you install your access points so that they can be easily seen and identified? EMP has designed a safe and robust mounting system that allows you to clearly find and identify the access point from the ground.

Remote Management

How do you manage your network remotely? What if you have many sites across the country that you are responsible for? We have the latest cloud based tools that will allow you to manage your wireless network from anywhere, anytime.

POE Switches

One of the challenges in wireless networking for the warehouse and manufacturing floor is the large distances that need to be covered by the wireless network. Using the proper POE switch along with a good layout of the overall network can overcome these challenges. Also, the cost of installing fiber can sometimes be eliminated by smart planning. EMP has the experience to give your warehouse rock solid wireless coverage and good planning helps lay out the switches and access points in an optimal way.

Networking for Mobile Computers

When you are doing a wireless site survey for mobile devices, you need to engineer a network that is not over saturated. Traditional wireless networking has a “more is better” approach to placing access points. In mobile computing, this approach creates havoc. EMP has invested in the latest software tools needed to perform a thorough wireless site survey.

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