Ring Scanners

Not Just for Wearable Computers

Operator using ring scanner paired with wearable computer

If you go to Zebra’s website looking for their ring scanners, you might have difficulty finding them. Honeywell puts them in their barcode scanner category, but Zebra keeps them on their website with wearable mobile computers. It is true that the original ring scanners that came out about a decade ago had a cord that connected to the side of the wearable terminal. But Bluetooth ring scanners have been here for a while, and the use case for the Bluetooth version of these scanners goes way beyond their use with wearable mobile computers.   

Plus, they will pair with any device that is Bluetooth compatible. We have even added Bluetooth USB dongles to laptops or desktop computers to take advantage of this technology. The bottom line is if your operations require the use of both hands to do the job and barcode scanning is part of that process, wearable ring scanners will most likely improve your efficiency.

Zebra Ring Scanner

A Bluetooth ring scanner may be the answer if you see your operators picking up and putting down a scanner frequently while processing orders. Fixed scanners that allow the operator to bring the product to the scanner for reading barcodes might be another option, but that assumes that the product can be easily picked up. A ring scanner might do the trick if the product is too large or heavy to be picked up.

Another use case is when the operator moves up and down a line scanning barcodes. Using a presentation scanner or even a Bluetooth handheld scanner may not be the best option; back to frequent picking up and putting down of the scanner. Possibly a wearable scanner is the best solution.

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