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Staying on Top of the Best Software Solutions

Sometimes, we do not get the business from our customers.  Sometimes, we lose to the competition.  Recently we lost a piece of business with a long-term customer, not because the other company had better hardware or services, but because they had a better idea for the interface between the mobile computers and the customers ERP.  And their software solution is better, the other guys were right.  Kudos to our account manager for having a postmortem with the customer to better understand why we lost.  And kudos to the customer for sharing that information with us.  The ERP in question is one of the major players and we now know a better way for future customer opportunities.

mobile interfaces

But there is one problem, there are thousands of ERP and WMS software packages out there.  It is astounding how many.  Some are written for specific industries.  Our sister company, Enterprise Marking Products runs a cloud base ERP designed specifically for label converters.  It has features that are very helpful in operating your label converting business, so choosing that ERP over one of the more conventional ones was a good decision for them.

Part of our job is to be as familiar as we can with the major ERP and WMS software packages.  Part of what sets us apart from our competitors is that we take it further than just knowing the speeds and feeds of the hardware that we sell.  Taking the time to truly understand our customers business environment and the best way for you to utilize the hardware and software that we sell.

We recently were having an internal conversation about cloud printing.  The subject was when to use a full-blown label software package such as BarTender versus just subscribing to a much less expensive cloud printing service.  Part of our job is to be able to help you analyze your needs and pick the best solution.

We are always learning, striving to be the best partner that we can and always grateful for the opportunity to work with you, our great customers. Contact us today if you have a project you would like us to evaluate!

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