The Goldilocks of Technology

We all know the story. Goldilocks goes into the Three Bear’s house, eats the porridge that is just right, and sleeps in the bed that is just right. She also breaks some furniture along the way, but let’s not focus on that.

“Just right” because it was the perfect size and temperature. We are hoping that as a company, we are also just right. Not too small so that we cannot handle large projects or manage multiple large customers. And not too big so that we can’t offer our customers excellent, personalized service and support.

Just right because we have not been gobbled up by one of the larger competitors in our industry. Not part of an investment group who is focused on maximizing growth and profits, not focused on the customer, and providing the best possible customer experience.

Also, our technology offerings are just right for our customers. Our competitors who focus on internet sales just offer hardware, you give them a part number, and they give you a price, (too cold).  If they do venture into solution selling, they partner with a software company who wants to sell you a full solution suite for your needs (too hot). We at EMP have a much more holistic approach, we look to find the simplest route which many times is a purpose-built custom application that just does the task that needs to be done (just right). Not a large and expensive piece of software to do a simple task.

We have had this conversation with some of our customers and have found that many of you are at the same stage in your business. Not the biggest, and not the smallest, but at that just right size. That sweet spot of being fully capable, but not so big that they are hard to interface with.

So, if you are ready for that Goldilocks experience of “Just Right”, check out our website to contact us and learn more about what we have to offer.

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