Barcode Scanner Selector Guide

Barcode scanners can be as simple as plug and play. Plug the scanner into your USB port and in a few seconds, you can start scanning barcodes into your documents. But that is just the down and dirty end of barcode scanning. What if you need to scan codes that are marked directly onto a part that is metal or plastic? What if you need to scan parts in motion on your conveyor? That is where a company like EMP can really help.

Like a lot of things, when you start digging into all of the options, you find there is more to it than it first appeared. Trying to be of service, we developed a Barcode Scanner Selector Guide as well as a video to compliment. As with many of these documents that we produce, it has more questions than answers, but is intended to help you determine what you need to know in order to make an informed decision.

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