Calibrating Zebra Mobile Printers

Once a month, I go back and ask the tech services group for a tech tip to put in an upcoming newsletter.  This month, the answer that I got was a strange one.  The answer was prefaced with, it is a simple problem, but we get calls about it all the time.  Getting a mobile printer, particularly a Zebra mobile printer, to calibrate and stop at the top of the form for the label.

We have had a YouTube video about this up on the EMP Tech Group channel for almost 2 years now and it has around 8,000 views.  So, it must be a pretty common problem.  First, make sure the printer is set to mark or gap, depending on your labels having a black sense mark on the back of the liner.  From there, just go to our video and follow along. 

If you have a ZQ printer, not a QLn printer as shown in the video, never fear the process to calibrate is the same.  Our dedicated and experienced technical services team is down in these weeds helping our customers every day. Our website is always the best way to contact us.

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