Printing From the Cloud

Diagram of printing from the cloud with Zebra Cloud Connect

So, you are getting into the new age with cloud-based software. This allows you to run the application from anywhere, on any device, not just in your corporate IT infrastructure. We all know this has been a good thing this year with many people now having to work remotely. 

But what about printing? Particularly printing to a label printer from a mobile device.

We have seen many of our customers struggle with this. Also, we have seen a solution from Zebra that does not get talked about very often or publicized very well. The product is called Cloud Connect.

There are a few caveats. First, the Zebra printer needs to be running Link-OS. Second, your cloud application needs to be capable of a REST API.  But both of those are probably already true.  If not, you can upgrade your printer to solve that issue, and EMP can write a custom interface for your application with a REST API.  Either way, printing to your Zebra label printer from the cloud is possible.

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