Rotating the Display on Your Printer

We admit that we didn’t know you could do this until a customer contacted us about the display on their printer being upside down. With some digging, we found that the latest firmware release for Zebra printers had the ability of rotating the display on your printer. We worked with the customer who had inadvertently changed this setting to get the display back to the right side up.

Then we started wondering why in the heck Zebra had added this capability to their latest firmware. Suddenly it hit us, you would want this for print and apply when the print engine is on its side or even upside down. And the firmware for the print engines is the same as the tabletop printers.

You might want to rotate the display on your tabletop printer, but most likely this would be for a print and apply print engine like the ZT500. If you want to know how to do this, give us a shout. 

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