Selecting the Right Label Printer

It’s a label printer, just pick one. On the surface that makes sense, until the printer doesn’t work one day, and your production line is down. Then comes a realization that maybe you should have studied this a bit. We have customers choose the most expensive and robust label printer, not because they necessarily need it, but because they cannot afford for it to be down. So, it is cheaper in the long run to pay more for the printer.

These days, the automatic assumption that a thermal transfer label printer is the correct, and only choice is no longer a given. Thinking about color label printers should also be a consideration. Then, the typical questions about direct thermal vs thermal transfer, paper or synthetic labels, all come into play.

Then, there is software to drive the printers, software to manage the printers, interface to your enterprise software to automatically generate the labels, long term service for the printers, media sourcing and stocking. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had one place to go for all these considerations? EMP is your one stop shop.

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