Use a Rapid Development Software Package

Our featured product this month is MCL, a rapid development software tool that we have been using for many years. Specifically, to develop applications for mobile computers, and these days for Android based mobile computers. You will read about MCL in this month’s newsletter twice, both in this Tech Tip and in the Featured Product section. 

Why would you use this tool?  Well for one, it is very cost effective.  For another, it is very stable and easy to use. And finally, you can develop complex applications for your mobile computers in a fraction of the time that it would take to write the application from scratch.

We at the EMP Tech Group can write applications for you using MCL, or you can purchase the development library and do the work yourself. To talk specifically about costs, the development library is a few thousand dollars, and the device licenses are well under a few hundred dollars. Development costs are on top of that if we do the work.

We are kind of giving away our secrets by showing you, our valued customers, this product. But that is OK. We sell the MCL software and the devices that the software runs on, helping you deploy successful projects quickly and easily is what we are about.

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