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Using an MDM to Keep Up with OS and SHA

Managing mobile devices in your warehouses and plant floor keeps getting more complicated. One factor is the more rapid updates to Android. The other factor, frankly, is ransomware!

Windows Update Broke My Printer….Again

It has happened twice in the last few months.  A Windows Update broke your ability to print labels on your label printer.  Technically the update broke the printer driver….twice.  The first update was followed quickly by a patch. 

Oops, I Read the Wrong Barcode!

Tired of scanning the wrong barcode? Here are our top tips on how to prevent this problem.

Keeping Your BarTender Updated is Important

This month’s tech tip is to check your version of BarTender and be sure you are newer than version 10.0 because it is the end of support.

Identifying Your Mobile Computers

Sometimes we get the best ideas from our customers. We have helped customers identify their mobile computer fleet in the past with asset labels. We have a “secret weapon” label material that we have used again and again for asset labels.

Knowing Your Printer Resolution is Key

Printers have a variety of resolutions. Knowing your printer’s resolution is key to printing the correct label every time.

When to Use Bartender Print Station

Find out when to limit access to the full Bartender software and just run Bartender Print Station.

The Effects of Static

Static electricity can cause issues in your labeling and it is not always obvious that it is the issue. Check out this article to learn more!

Use Zebra Stage Now to Update Android

Stage Now will produce a barcode that you can scan with your mobile computer to do the initial configuration or update the Android OS.

Printing from the Cloud

So, you are getting into the new age with Cloud-based software. This software now allows you to run the application from anywhere, on any device, not just in your corporate IT infrastructure. We all know that this has been a good thing this year with many people now having to work remotely.

Adding a New Bartender License

Adding new licenses to an existing Bartender install used to be somewhat straightforward, but with the release of BarTender 2021 that process got a little more tricky.

Parsing Barcode Data

Each barcode contains important imformation, but sometimes parsing through all of the data can be cumbersome. Let our barcode experts help walk you through how to best parse your barcode data!

Printhead Element Out

We are amazed by this. There has been a feature in many of Zebra’s label printers for some time now that no one seems to take advantage of.

Choosing the Right Barcode Scanner

Choosing the right barcode scanner for your application can be a bit confusing. Let us help you decide which scanner is right for you! First, you can break the answers down into these categories. 1D only or 1D and 2D Scanner Corded or Cordless Presenta …

Direct Thermal Label Printing

Data label printing in industry is usually done with direct thermal or thermal transfer technology.  Thermal transfer uses a wax or resin ribbon to transfer the image with heat from the ribbon onto the label.  Direct thermal has a coating on the label that darkens with heat from the label printers print head.

Barcode Verification on your Label Printer

Get barcode verification on your label printer with the Honeywell PX940. Avoid fines and costly errors by checking barcode compliance at print time.

Which Barcode Symbology is Right for You?

Which barcode symbology is best for your application? A little knowledge will help you make the best choice. Download our guide!

Color Label Printing

It has been a dream shared by EMP and our customers for years. Printing your labels real time, at time of need, color and all. There are two types of labels in our industry. Data labels which are typically black and white, containing fixed and variable data.

Android Migration

The newer hardware that runs Android is lighter, smarter, has better battery life and screen clarity than the older hardware. Also, the tools that Zebra has developed for Android have made it the superior operating system.

How to Properly Clean Your Mobile Computer

The Dirt on Dirt: Best Practices for Cleaning Your Mobile Computer Mobile computers are designed and built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making them the right tools for jobs in less forgiving physical environments. Unfortunately, due to …

How to Get RxLogger Log Files for Zebra Android Devices

If your Zebra Android device is having connection issues with your server, you will need to download the log files so that your issue can be analyzed. The document below will walk you through the step-by-step process of obtaining these log files: RxLog …

Forklifts – Vehicle Mounted Mobile Computers vs Rugged Tablets

When it comes to enabling mobility in material handling vehicles in warehouses, ports, yards and more, you can choose from two different types of products — purpose-built vehicle-mounted mobile computers or rugged tablets in a vehicle mount. With three different product families in each of these categories, and multiple models within some of those categories, how do you know which mobile device is the right solution for each customer opportunity?

Zebra – Modernize Your Warehouse with Lifeguard for Android

With Zebra’s Lifeguard for Android, you can ensure your Zebra mobile computers are secure with the latest Android operating system and patches long after the standard Android consumer support increasing the life of your Zebra mobile computers.

Zebra MC9300 Unboxing & Staging Video

Zebra Android mobile computers come preloaded Mobility DNA software tools such as StageNow, allowing you to stage a handful or thousands of mobile devices in your warehouse operations, and All-Touch Terminal Emulation to easily transition your legacy g …

Simulscan Document Capture

SimulScan is a set of productivity tools that can be integrated into your native Android applications to take process automation to the next level. With SimulScan Multi-Barcode, workers can capture multiple barcodes on a label with a single scan.

Workforce Connect – Enterprise Messaging

Enterprise Messaging gives workers an easy, secure and flexible way to send and receive text messages over any Wi-Fi or cellular network when voice is not an option.

USB Port on ZT400 and ZT600 Series

The ZT400 and ZT600 series printers have a USB port located on the front of the printer.  This USB port allows for simple plug and play integration when installing a new printer.  You can quickly save all of the existing settings onto a flash drive and …

Manual Calibration for ZT600

The Zebra ZT600  series printers come with an easy to perform auto-calibration which makes switching between media types extremely simple. However, often time the auto-calibration just isn’t enough. A manual calibration is sometimes necessary. …

How to Load Media in a Zebra ZT400 Printer

Our service team works  on a variety of Zebra printers every day. Let our service manager, George, walk you through the step-by-step process of how to load media into a Zebra ZT400 series printer! Step 1: Open media door Step 2: Open print head Step 3: …

Print Labels From Flash Drive Using ZBI

Our programming team recently created a demo application using the Zebra Builder Interface (ZBI). The application allows a user to print labels from a flash drive simply by plugging it into a printer. The 1-minute video below features a live demo and e …

Zebra Network Connect Industrial IoT

Zebra made a breakthrough last year in making their label printers and handheld barcode scanners friendlier to integrate on the manufacturing floor. Some of Zebra’s key products are now available with Industrial Ethernet Protocols. The ZT400 series of …

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade BarTender

Download BarTender Free Edition

Get Started with BarTender Free Edition Try the world’s most trusted software for designing, printing and automating the production of labels, barcodes, RFID tags, plastic cards and more. BarTender’s three editions support a wide range of printing and …

Android App Icon for Zebra Printer Setup Utility

Zebra’s Android Printer Setup Utility For Link-OS Printers

The faster you get new equipment up and running, the more quickly you can achieve your return on investment. With Zebra’s Android Printer Setup Utility, configuring your Link-OS printers to optimize performance is easy – no specialized knowledge requir …

Thumbnail for how to install hand strap on Zebra TC8000

How To Install Hand Strap on TC8000

Speaking from experience, it can be challenging to install the hand strap on the new Zebra TC8000. Check out this handy installation guide.

Zebra TC8000 - an evolution in mobile computing

Enable Code128 Symbology in Wavelink Android TE Client

Can’t scan code128 within Wavelink Android TE client? Try the following solution from Zebra Support. Question: How to enable code128 within Wavelink Android TE client  Symptom: Unable to scan Code128 when using the Data Capture Zebra parameter in the A …

Cleaning printhead and platen roller on Zebra ZT200 thumbnail

Cleaning Printhead and Platen Roller on ZT200 Series

When you rely on your Zebra printers to create quality labels every time, it is important to keep them clean and well-maintained. Regularly cleaning the printhead and platen roller will help you achieve consistently high print quality, and extend the l …

Error message #3721 from BarTender related to Windows 10 upgrade

BarTender – Get Notifications for Windows Update BarTender Errors

If you follow our Tech Tips posts, you’ll remember that we posted about the latest Windows updates causing errors in BarTender. The Seagull Scientific team has created a special blog post dedicated to this issue that they are updating with the latest i …

BarTender label software makes custom data entry form editing and creation easy.

Save Time in BarTender – Custom Data Entry Forms

Save yourself time and prevent data entry errors by taking advantage of custom data entry forms for your BarTender 2016 label formats. Guide data entry with custom form elements such as date-pickers, database lookups, and input masks. Get started with …

Error message #3721 from BarTender related to Windows 10 upgrade

Windows Update Causing BarTender Errors

Some of our customers have been receiving errors in BarTender after they installed the latest Windows update from Microsoft. This issue has been confirmed by Seagull and Microsoft. Below is a description of some of the errors you might experience. To r …

BarTender Logo

Getting Started with BarTender

We’re continuing our month of BarTender Tech Tips with a getting started video. Watch and learn how simple it is to create great looking and powerful label formats with this software! Interested in pricing or learning more? Please Contact Us

Thumbnail for BarTender Video - Getting Started with Database Connections

BarTender – Setup Database Connection

BarTender label software is capable of pulling data from virtually any data source. This video from Seagull Scientific will show you how to connect and select your data for use in your label formats.

Thumbnail for video on how to adjust the printhead pressure for Zebra ZT230 printer

Printhead Pressure Adjustment on Zebra ZT Series

Poor print quality on your Zebra ZT Series? You might want to try adjusting the printhead pressure. Learn how by watching these helpful tutorial videos from Zebra.

thumbnail for video showing how to manually calibrate Zebra ZT400 Series

Zebra Printer Calibration – How to Resolve Printer Calibration Issues

We commonly receive phone calls for technical support related to Zebra printer calibration issues. Here are a few helpful videos and step-by-step guides to help you get your printer calibrated correctly. If you’re still having trouble, please give us a …

Loading Media into Zebra 110Xi4 printer

Zebra Support – New and Improved

In need of support for your Zebra printers or legacy Motorola devices? Head over to Zebra’s new support site for access to excellent instructional videos, user guides, and downloads. Zebra Support

Motorola Mobile Computer – Warm & Cold Boot Quick Reference Guide

Reference this helpful guide for the proper key sequences to warm/cold boot various Motorola mobile computers. Download PDF Click Image to Download PDF

How to add carriage return / line feed to barcode scanner

Setup Carriage Return/Line Feed on Handheld Scanner

Demonstration of how to setup a handheld barcode scanner to do a carriage return / line feed.

Cleaning print head and platen roller for Zebra Printer

Zebra Print Head and Platen Roller Cleaning

Demonstrating how to clean the print head and platen roller on a Zebra printer.

Motorola MC9000 Series – Warm Boot

Demonstrating how to warm boot a Motorola MC9000 Series device.

Motorola MC9000 Series – Cold Boot

Demonstrating how to cold boot a Motorola MC9000 Series device.

chart comparing barcode read range of white label vs. retroreflective material

Label Material and Read Range

Label Material and Read Range | White Paper Vs. Retroreflective Material One of our customers was looking for some guidance on how to label their warehouse. Specifically, they asked about the relationship between label material and read range. Manufact …

Load media in Zebra ZM400 printer

EMP Tech Tips: Zebra ZM400 Media and Ribbon Replacement

How to load labels and ribbon in a Zebra ZM400 printer.

Loading Media into Zebra 110Xi4 printer

Zebra 110xi4 Media and Ribbon Replacement Video

Learn how to load labels and ribbon into a Zebra 110Xi4 label printer