WS50 Wearable Ring Terminal

Zebra WS50 Wearable Ring Terminal

Zebra just introduced a new product that is of interest to us here at EMP and might be of interest to you. For perspective, Zebra introduces new products all the time, but they don’t show up in our Newsletter all the time. The WS50 Wearable Ring Terminal has some exciting features worth highlighting.

This product is so interesting because it is a wearable ring scanner and a wearable terminal all rolled up into one device. These devices are always interesting to us, but our first question is what can our customers do with this form factor and how will they benefit.

The terminal portion of this is an Android device, which is good. One of the issues with this device is the tiny screen size. However, there are many use cases where the amount of screen real-estate needed is small and having both hands free to work with is a benefit.

Our Mobile Match Code is one of these use cases that we immediately thought of. That application does not need much screen size, and since the device is Android, the rapid development tool MCL that we use for those applications will work for the device. We even included a YouTube video showing this application running on the WS50. 

Since we are so customer focused, our minds next turned to how to help customers deal with the device’s small screen size and get it to work with their business software. We have many options and some demo gear that you can check out.

So, if this new wearable scanning terminal from Zebra is of interest to you, contact us today!

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