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Your Zebra Label Printer has an OS too!

The Engineering Corner section has a fun application about helping the Amish stay true to their religion, but still get a job done in an increasingly technical and complicated world.  One of the reasons we are able to provide this service is because of the OS (Operating System) in the latest models of Zebra’s label printers.  Link-OS is the name Zebra gave this OS and it has many features that the older model printers simply did not have.

It can be a slippery conversation to discuss when something stops being firmware and starts being an Operating System.  But Zebra’s position is that this new generation of printers has an OS and all of the additional features and capabilities that come with it.

Our Technical Services team lives in this world every day and we would be happy to engage in some good conversation with our customers about what can be done with these increasingly capable printers.  Using these new features to ease the management of a fleet or to customize the displays to better suit your operations are but a few of the possibilities.



Why EMP Tech Group?

Our biggest secret is our extreme level of customer service.  On site visits, immediate responses, great pricing, demo gear, samples, technical support, all just an email or phone call away.  It really does make a difference and we continue to be amazed that more companies don’t step up their customer service game.

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