Zebra MC9400

We admit it, “mild product refresh” can be said about the Zebra MC9400 over the existing Zebra MC9300. The last update from the MC9200 to the MC9300 was more visually noticeable. Green buttons where there used to be yellow is the biggest visual difference this time around. Green being Zebra’s way of showing which devices are ultra rugged.

As is usually the case, you must open the hood and look at the internal workings to really see the differences. Faster processor, more memory, ability to go to higher Android OS versions, newer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios, those are the usual hardware updates that you would expect. Other expected updates are also there, better barcode scanner, camera, and screen resolution.

But there is something that has never been seen before in Zebra’s ultra rugged warehouse scanners this time, Cellular! Be it private cellular or one of the cellular carriers, both options are now available in the MC9450. Over the years, many customers have loved the ruggedness and ergonomics of the MC9XXX series, the old reliable brick on a stick. But it was only for inside the 4 walls to be used with Wi-Fi. But no more, now you can take that forklift outside where you have little or no Wi-Fi coverage and keep on working via private or public cellular.

An advantage to this being a more minor refresh is that all the accessories are backwards compatible. Same chargers, cradles, cases, everything is the same. There is a new battery that will help you locate the device when it is lost, but the old batteries will still work if you are not using that feature.

If you want to try one out or think about how to use the cellular options, we are always here to help. 

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