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Mobile Computers in Warehouse

Using an MDM to Keep Up with OS and SHA

Managing mobile devices in your warehouses and plant floor keeps getting more complicated. One factor is the more rapid updates to Android. The other factor, frankly, is ransomware!

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Marketing the EMP Way

Marketing is a mysterious thing, particularly when compared to sales.  When you sell, you either win or lose and the results are obvious.  Marketing has many more shades of grey; success is not always clear, and the proper method is not always obvious.  EMP has struggled with marketing. We live in a niche industry, and […]

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Labeling Carts: One Scan, One Print, One Apply

The folks from Newcastle Systems were in our office a few weeks back.  We were discussing successful applications for their mobile power carts.  Ones where the customer was really seeing benefit from purchasing the mobile carts.  The same application kept coming up again and again, using the mobile power carts as a printing station to […]

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Supply Chain Issues Continue to be a Factor

4-to-6-month lead times.  That is what we are facing on some of the most common items that we sell; mobile printers, mobile computers, even labels! Almost 30% of our annual sales are on backlog right now.  It is actually bankrupting some businesses, not being able to get hardware to ship. Fortunately for us here at EMP, […]

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New Hires in the Technical Services Group

We have been beefing up our Technical Services group lately.  This team is at the heart of our company, doing the work that it takes, to make the hardware that we sell, work in the customer’s environment.  Sometimes that is simply maintaining label printers.  Sometimes that is running a large project that includes custom programming, […]

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Will Terminal Emulation Ever Go Away?

We are both delighted and confused by how much Terminal Emulation is still used on handheld devices in the warehouse. We also have lots of customers still running legacy AS/400’s or iSeries machines. We delight since we know how it works and can still support these customers.  But we are confused since this technology is […]

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Stand Alone Scan & Print

EMP Scan & Print

Not a new topic for this part of our newsletter, but Scan and Print is the hottest EMP product that we sell. We have some good YouTube videos that get attention from all over the world. And we mean all over the world, we recently sent several systems to a very large company in Germany.  Several systems […]

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Windows Update Broke My Printer….Again

It has happened twice in the last few months.  A Windows Update broke your ability to print labels on your label printer.  Technically the update broke the printer driver….twice.  The first update was followed quickly by a patch. 

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