Barcode Verification

This month’s featured product is a whole class of products, centered around barcode verification.  From handheld to fixed mount barcode verifiers, to label printers that verify barcodes as they print, EMP has you covered with the products and the expertise.

barcode verification

So, who needs barcode verifiers?  Well, just about every industry could, and maybe should be verifying the barcodes that they produce. But some industries are particularly motivated by customer or regulatory demand to do routine barcode verification.  Pharmaceutical, medical devices, producers of retail products for big box stores, automotive, and government suppliers to name a few.

Another topic is barcode verification versus validation.  In other words, do your barcodes get a passing grade against an industry standard, or are you just very certain that they are going to be readable by your customers down the line?  Sometimes you don’t need full blow verification to ISO or AIM standards, just a barcode scanner that is capable of watching your edge and color contrast to be sure your printers are not drifting too far out of spec.

There is a dedicated part of our new website for barcode verification, and our YouTube channel also has some recent project videos. 

EMP Website – Verifiers

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