Inkjet/Laser Part Mark

We have a product for all your direct part mark applications. Contact us today to determine which inkjet or laser marking system is the best fit for you.


Less Maintenance

Direct part mark systems are very reliable, and have fewer moving components than complex print and apply systems.

Improved Quality

Inkjet systems can print up to 600dpi allowing them to print very sharp and high quality text, graphics, and barcodes.

Reduce Costs

Advances in inkjet nozzle efficiency, the ability to purchase ink in bulk, and decreased maintenance requirements all contribute to lower costs to print.

Solutions using Inkjet/Laser Part Mark

Laser Marking System for DateTime Stamp

A plastic injection molding company wanted the ability to add a DateTime stamp to their parts on demand. Our team helped them integrate a laser marking system to do just that. Click to see the solution!

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